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Hi, I’m Yina! I’m the voice behinds the travel tips.

 I’m a traveler, lover of adventures and cultures. 

From some years now my life has being on the road. But manly between Spain and Puerto Rico. Join me on my journey of discovering life in the New and Old World. Get my insights as I learn and grow from my adventure’s success and mistakes while living between Spain and Puerto Rico. 

My nomad tips


Quick + HElpful living abroad tips

My tips and details on living abroad.

Many friends, family and intrigued people ask me how I moved abroad so I decided to put my adventures in “paper” . 

Here you will find tips on how to move abroad, what to expect, plus a whole lot to guide you on taking the big step of living overseas.

Hopefully, you can find some inspiration and pack your bag. Because you belong abroad! 

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