About Me

Hello, I am Yinaira but you can call me Yina ( sounds like Gina). I am a Puerto Rican living in Valencia, Spain. I have actually moved to Spain 3 times with different visas and 3 different reasons. For now, I think this will be my home. I want to show you that with some patience and planning you to can achieve your dream of living abroad.

I love traveling and exploring new places that usually contribute to our environment. But I know sometimes we just don’t have the means or time to pack our bags and travel. With My Nomad Tips, I want to give you some tools so you can live the adventures you want and deserve!


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Bucket List
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Bucket List

                                         Bucket list

  • Spain                                        • Croatia
  • Portugal                                    • Grece
  • Italy                                          • Russia
  • France                                      • India
  • London                                     • Thailand
  • Denmark                                  • Japan
  • Ireland                                     • China
  • Germany                                  • Colombia
  • Romania                                  • Belize
  • Morroco                                   • Brazil
  • Costa Rica                                 • Australia
  • Panama                                      • Madagascar
  • Mexico                                       • South Africa
  • Dominican Republic                    • Norway
  • Other Carribean Islands              • Budapest
  • Canada                                     • Jordania
  • USA (some states)                      • Egypt
  • Libano                                       • Jamaica

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where are you from?​

I think I already answered this but I like saying it. I am from the westside of Puerto Rico.

Are you an American, do you have a USA passport?

I am not going to get into politics. But for the sake of clarifying yes I do. That is why I write about how to move to Spain from the US. Since the legal aspect of it are the same for a Puerto Rican as a USA citizen. This is unless the Puerto Rican has dual citizenship and can apply for a Spanish passport.

Are you working in Spain?

Yes and no, I am working from home as an english teacher. I work for two online companies based in China. Technically I work from Spain

Did you study to be a teacher?

No, I have a B.A. in sociology, a masters in Social Work and specialization in Gender Studies. But I always loved education and I know it was I wanted to do. Don’t ask me why I studied so much other fields. It is something I ask myself constantly. 

Which country do you loved most visiting?

It is really hard to decide. I fell in love with Costa Rica and Italy because of the food. But then places like Ireland and Denmark for me are just beautiful to look at and I had the best time there too. Morocco, on the other hand, changed me. It made me stronger I think and resilient I faced many challenges there and I love it for that. 

Do you speak spanish?

Yes, I speak Spanish since I am from Puerto Rico, I am bilingual . I also speak a bit of Italian. Well, at least I like to think I do.