Beginner’s guide to zero waste traveling

If you are an ecologically conscious person then you probably have heard about zero waste. And if you are like me and struggle with a waste-free life then you probably have asked yourself…Is zero-waste traveling possible? It takes time to have a zero-waste home. How can I manage to go zero waste when traveling?

However, there are some simple things we can do to start achieving a zero-waste trip! Here is my beginner’s guide to zero waste traveling to help you make the best of your travels! Although, it is more of a beginner list to a zero-waste expedition.

10 easy ways to travel zero-waste travel

What to do for a zero-waste travel before the trip?

  1. Bring your water bottle

Yes, I keep saying this but it’s an easy one. There are many countries with clean drinkable water. If not opt for a filtered water bottle.

Beginner's guide to zero waste traveling

2. Pack snacks in reusable containers

Pack your own snacks in reusable containers. Who does not get hungry when traveling? Make sure you pack dry snacks and food that pass the check-in. It will not only help you save some money and make healthy choices. On the other hand, will also help you with your zero-waste goal.

Tip. Bring your own utensils as well. Just make sure you don’t go through check-in with a steel/metal knife!

3. Opt for solid shampoo/ bar shampoo instead of buying plastic travel-sized

I love buying at ecofriendly places especially because I have super sensitive everything. For some time I thought I was doing my good part to my health and the environment. Also helping locals on the way. Then I saw how much plastic I own! So why not change to a solid shampoo bar? In the meantime, you can say goodbye to preoccupying about passing the check-in controls.

4. Bring your headphones and travel pillow

Remember to bring your earphones, they are probably so much more comfortable than those given at airplanes anyways. For instance, think about how many of those you see laying around the floor and seats ending up in a landfill. The same goes for the blanket. Instead, carry your headphones, travel pillow, and a jacket and there you have it another problem solved!

Beginner's guide to zero waste traveling

5. Pack smart and bring only essential

As a matter of fact, this point encompasses the first 4. The actual impact of this when traveling is not as big since the carbon emissions from an airplane are high do to the plane itself. But it is still a small doable thing. Additionally, when it’s time to wash the clothe mind the dryer. This said if you travel smart and only your essentials you can air dry!

6. Download your boarding pass

More and more airlines are moving towards technology. Instead of printing your boarding pass download it to your cellphone.

7. Make sure your home electricals are turned off

Before heading out remember to turn off all of the unnecessary electro domestics. In addition, this will help cut your expenses as well.

What to do to achieve zero-waste when once in the destination?

8. Eat responsibly

If you are not in the mood of cooking when traveling instead of going for fast food or delivery opt to dine-in. It doesn’t mean anything fancy. Opt for local foods, street food that usually uses less plastic and food containers.

P.S. Always support the lovely locals who are sharing their country for our delight.

Tip. Don’t forget to bring your small cloth/napkin and utensils.

Beginner's guide to zero waste traveling

9. Stay with locals or eco-friendly places

Hotels produce a crazy amount of waste. Think about cleaning all the linens, clothes dryers, the millions of plastic little everything, etc. Fortunately, some hotels are eco-friendly and even have sustainability as there core. They work with locals and their environment. It is difficult to know when this really is taking place. When in doubt why not go with Airbnb, B&B and any other way to stay with a local?

It is easier to recycle when staying with a local. Besides this, as I said before you can clean you clothe more responsibly and always air dry it, cooks some food, etc!

Tip. Remember to turn the light and A/C off even when staying at hotels.

10. Walk, bike, and move

Yes, gas emissions are waste.

When abroad there are so many ways we can explore a city without using a car. Unless it is extremely necessary I love walking and biking to explore a city. I do love getting lost on the tiny cute streets and discover a cute local pastry shop. It gives traveling a whole more authentic feeling. Like I’m really seeing something new.

Beginner's guide to zero waste traveling. Walk and bike.

If it is a big city then go for public transportation or cab sharing.

Join likeminded zero-waste eco-conscious travelers

When starting something new it is always better to join likeminded people for support and guidance. I recommend checking out Lauren page Trash is for Tossers. Although Lauren doesn’t center in travel she definitely is zero-waste guru. Besides her, there are many other bloggers and pages with helpful info. Lastly, look for groups in your community. I’ve found amazing groups located in Valencia that have helped me!

What not to do when going for traveling zero-waste?

When going zero waste don’t be tempted to dispose of all of your materials. It doesn’t make any sense throwing away a half bottle of travel size shampoo just because you realized it is plastic or not eco-friendly.

Instead, go baby steps and make sure your next trip make sure to buy a more eco-friendly product and leave behind that travel-size aisle alone!

For more ways to travel responsibly check how to reduce your environmental footprint when traveling.

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Beginner’s guide to zero waste traveling

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  1. Julie

    Such great tips!! I’ve really been trying to move more towards traveling with less waste! And I love a destination where you can walk everywhere!

    1. Mynomadtips

      I love them too! I do enjoy walking and getting lost in new cities plus knowing it can help the environment as well.

  2. Francesca

    Such a useful post! It’s amazing what a few simple changes can do to your carbon footprint when travelling.

  3. Lisa

    Great tips. It is so important to do everything we can to be zero waste and your post is a great reminder.

  4. Jackie

    Thanks for these valuable suggestions on zero-waste-traveling. I am concerned about the impact I have on the world as I travel about, so I appreciate these excellent ideas! While I do bring my own earphones, travel pillow, and reusable bottle, I have never tried a shampoo bar and will give that a go. And I love that there are now eco-friendly hosts to choose from, too! Every little bit helps.

    1. Mynomadtips

      I’m glad to hear we are on the same wave-length! I still haven’t tried an eco-friendly place besides using Airbnb. But I’m excited to look into it for my next trip.

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