Cancun Cenotes Tour: What to see and how much does it costs?

Cancun Cenotes Tour: What to expect and how much does it costs?

If you are visiting Cancun you won’t want to miss the cenotes tour. You are probably wondering what are exactly these cenotes, what to do and how much does it cost?

Cancun Cenotes Tour: What to see and how much does it costs?

Cancun Cenotes

Cenotes are Mayan sacred water holes that symbolize portals to the underworld for them to connect with deities and their ancestors and practice rituals. They are also important to Mayans because their location lacks rivers, therefore Cenotes are the only body of freshwater the area has. Water holes in the middle of the jungle with no river to get its water from? Yes! This is what makes cenotes an almost surreal natural attraction for tourists like you and me. And trust me you don’t want to miss it!

As you can imagine Cancun Cenotes are still of great importance to Mayans and even though some are accessible to tourists you can still expect to see virgin nature at its peak. Mayans take great pride in this Cenotes and make sure contamination is minimum.

Exploring Cancun Cenotes
Exploring Cancun Cenotes

Cancun Cenotes Tour

Not all Cenotes are the same and this is where a tour comes in handy. You’ll find open, closed and semi-closed cenotes, each with its own enchantment, biodiversity, and offered activities. For me experiencing the different cenotes was a whole new way of being in contact with nature and living what it has to offer.

You can get there with public transportation or private taxi as well. This was my first option but then realized on my own, it would cost about the same but without the commodities of a tour.
Also, it was the best decision being my first time visiting the Cancun Cenotes.

Explore and open cenote

First came the open cenote called K’áak. Let me tell you, this was amazing! Here we went on a water slide and swam in this majestic place. Honestly, I still can’t decide if this was the best. All of them were so unique but I was truly impressed. The landscape here was like no other, you can’t beat swimming in crystal clear water and having the Caribbean sun warm you.

After we had a tasty snack and beverages included in the tour price. Snacking and chatting with other travelers by this beautiful cenote was a cute little bonus for going on a tour. You know, cherishing the little things.

K’áak, Cancun Cenote

Semi-open Cenotes Ha’

This semi-open Cenote is called Ha’ and is basically two cenotes in one. First, we did a friendly kayak competition surrounded by beautiful vegetation and cavelike rocks and after relaxed snorkeling in a waterlily submarine world. I have never snorkeled in a place like this and I’m from the Caribbean!

After this, we had a picnic lunch all-inclusive. Again, enjoying each other company and the surrounding nature in typical Cancun bohios.

Zip-lining in an ancient Cenote

Our tour came to an end with some more water fun in a Cenote called Lik’. Here we went zip-lining from one end to another though honestly mostly everyone ended falling right in the middle of the freshwater. This ancient Cenote wide-open surrounded by a vast green vegetation jungle is the perfect ending to the tour. You will be pumped up for some Cancun after-party after zip-lining from this Cenote.

How much does a Cancun Cenotes tour cost?

Cancun Cenotes with a tour costs around $ 116. This includes 4 different cenotes each with one of the activities mentioned above. Plus you get round transportation, guide, snacks, and picnic lunch in the middle of the jungle. Here is the link to the tour I went to tour 1. I also found another company that offers the same for the same cost tour 2.

I really recommend going on a tour, it’s a whole day trip and you get to experience the different Cancun Cenotes in a safe way. Plus you get to learn first hand about cenotes and it’s importance in Mayan culture. This was the best tour I went to in Cancun and one I strongly suggest no one misses.

P.S. Don’t worry about sunblock, they give you an eco-friendly one which is absolutely the nicest thing for cenotes nature!

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Cancun Cenotes Tour

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    1. Mynomadtips

      Yes, it’s my top Cancun experience.

  1. Nicola Lavin

    Swimming in a cenote in Mexico is one of the most incredible experiences. I hope everyone gets to experience it at least once.

    1. Mynomadtips

      Agree! It’s a must.

  2. Aga

    Sounds like a great tour. I will be in Cancun in a couple of months before heading to Isla Holbox, and this just might be how I’ll choose to spend my day there.

    1. Mynomadtips

      OMG you have to visit the Cenotes. Cancun has a lot of nature adventures but for me, this was the best. I don’t have water holes like this near me so it was worth exploring something new.

  3. I loved swimming in the cenotes when I was back in Mexico a few years back. It was fantastic to find yourself in this hidden places. Interestingly, one of the things that I remember the most was that they told us to only wear biodegradable solar cream… what a memory haha

    1. Mynomadtips

      haha, I know the solar cream was something that stuck with me too! Now every time I wear solar cream I think about the environment, it definitely impacted me.

  4. sarah

    I would wanna go to Mexico just to be able to swim in these cenotes. Thank you for sharing these tips. I will save this post for when I ever travel to Cancun.

    1. Mynomadtips

      Cancun is one of my favorite places and the Cenotes is just one of the many adventures it has to offer! Hope you get to visit.

  5. Emma

    Oooh this looks like so much fun, and zip lining is something I’d completely want to do there. Amazing

    1. Mynomadtips

      Oh yes, it’s really fun and a good way to dip in the cool water without overthinking it!

  6. Maggie

    I would love to visit a cenote! Pictures of them always look so divine. I didn’t know you could take a tour to visit more than one in a day – that definitely seems like the way to do it!

    1. Mynomadtips

      Yes! It’s the best way to explore more than one. I also took another tour that offered one but this was the best for the whole Cenotes experience.

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