Top Home-Based Online Jobs: plus pros and cons

Before I begin, home-based online jobs are real. In fact, it is how I managed to move from Puerto Rico to Spain and how I managed a long-term relationship with my boyfriend. Yes, he too works from home. I say this because I was skeptical at first and thought it was all a scam. But I was wrong and many online jobs can pay pretty well too. 

And with this out of the way let me tell you what I’ve learned about it and see for yourself if it is a possibility for you. 

How can I work online from home?

First off, you need a good internet connection, laptop or computer, great organization skills, and commitment. I’m guessing this sounds like any other office job bases requirements. Also, I think it’s best if you have a separate workplace or at least a space where you can design as your workplace.

For instance, our bedroom is semi-big so I have a space where I can have my desk, teaching materials and a good natural light from the window. On the other hand, my boyfriend has an office of his own since he does have 3 computers and many gadgets connected in there (it is a mess if you ask me).

Besides this, if you have worked in the past then it is no more different than a regular job. 

Certainly, before you go ahead and make yourself ready you need to find a home-based online job. 

Best home-based online jobs

I really like to give information I know to be true. So this online job list is of first hand or second hand (friends and family) experience. 

1.Teaching online

For me teaching online is a top online job. I love doing it! It is quite easy and manageable. Also, it requires little preparation time. I also love that it pays well, especially for low-cost of life places like Spain. There are many online companies based in Asia, which is where the two companies I work for are based in. 

2. IT programmer coding

Informatics is huge! I had no idea until my boyfriend came along. If you are in IT, I envy you! The job offers never stop and the best is that you can find lots of companies with home-based jobs. From what I’ve seen you can find PYMES, Startup or well-established companies as well. Particularly, the pay is remarkably good especially if you have experience.

3. Virtual assistant

Clearly, I am into blogging and this led me to discover the VA. I’m not sure if it’s correct to call them like a virtual secretary as both jobs do such a wide range of tasks. Although the pay starting pay may not be as high if you plan on doing it for the long run nothing beats expertise. You can always raise your work value and charge more. 

4. Content creator 

If you are a really good writer and have a sample or portfolio of content, then look no further. I would say content creator is the work for you. And to clarify, the content creator doesn’t have to be only writing jobs. Think about videos, social media, marketing, etc. Here is a good sum of what a content creator job encompasses. 

The range of payment is huge. It depends on the material, the company, and your abilities. 

Are these the only ones? Nope, like I, said these are the ones I know people who are close to me work on. I know they are good jobs. Some you will need more experience than others and some pay more than others. Still, these are for me the best because they are somewhat easy to get into. 

Where can I find online jobs?

Like with any job board pages, Indeed, SimplyHired, etc. Make a detailed resume and start sending it. It won’t happen in a day, but it also depends on what you are looking for and your skills. 

“I didn’t study to be a teacher, but I had some experience teaching, tutoring, and babysitting. I practiced my job interview millions of times, and I perfected it. First interview I didn’t nail but by the second interview, I was hired! Easy peasy. ” 

Disadvantages of working online

It’s all not peaches and cream. It is still a job even though you might be in your PJs. But besides that here are some things I for one sometimes complain about. 

1. Feeling stuck at home

If you don’t even go to do groceries, you will get lost in your home. It happens so easily but then you might not do a thing about it either. 

2. No friends or co-workers

I ache for my coffee break with co-workers. You know, just to complain or laugh at work. 

3. Contracts

The contracts and filing taxes part is sometimes tricky. With my online companies, I’m still not sure if in case of a problem there is a legal way to resolve it. 

Advantages of working from home 


The word explains it all and there is no place like home. Think about not having to rush because of traffic or if feeling sick and having leave home. Sometimes I’m not feeling super but I can still manage to work. It makes it so much better just being able to work from home. Another word, flexibility. 

2. Spend less on food, transportation, and clothes

Sure, you might invest first on a good computer or headphones but that is a one-time thing. Besides that working from home is great for savings.

3. More time to do other things 

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no commuting. Think about all that time you waste in transportation and what you could do with that extra time. You will have extra time if you manage your time well. Also, you can change your routine from time to time and add some hobbies. 

Hint. If you don’t like your online job you also have time to look for other options more flexible than with an office-based one!!! 

4. Work from different places

Pros of working online

The beauty of home-based jobs is the possibility to work from almost anywhere. After a while and all those savings enjoy going to a hotspot coffee shop and change the scenery. Even better, you can also travel and still work online. Always making sure you will have a good connection. 

5. Live abroad

Like I said, if you are living abroad or open to the idea it’s best to do it with a job. And what better than a home-based online job.

P.S. And if you are planning on living abroad then keep reading here.

To sum up, home-based jobs are slowly beginning to become more popular for many reasons. Sooner than late I’m positive we will see more on the rise. Surely there are pros and cons to it just like a regular office job. Even so, if you are looking for a job change, have the abilities and means to do it go for an online job!   

If you’re interested in teaching online and would like to know how to start send me a message or leave a comment below.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Do you work from home or would you like to?

Save it for inspiration.

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