Morocco: Camel Ride and Sleeping in the Desert

My Moroccan Experience

I’m going to be honest. Getting to Morocco and the desert was one of the hardest trips of my life. I was with my favorite person: my baby sis. It was our first time to Africa and we were thrilled! Warm sun, adventure, camel ride, sleeping in the desert and some sister bond time after being apart for some months.
Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us. It rained, it snowed it was bizarre. All roads were blocked and we had spent around 16 hours in a bus filled with restless travelers.

Morocco: Camel Ride and Sleeping in the Desert

Camel Ride in the Morocco

Finally, we made it the promised Sahara Desert. All are problems and frustration had vanished. We were surrounded by giant camels in the middle of the warm desert! It was all we had ever wanted. Plus the camel guides were just so attentive. They helped ride the camels safely and even take some gorgeous photos.

Camels, moon, and desert!

Sleeping in the desert

Sun was setting and we headed back to the camp. It was in the middle of beautiful Sahara where we would share tents with fellow travelers. Dinner was ready and served in one of the camp’s tents.

Morocco: Camel Ride and Sleeping in the Desert
Photos by Smart Insiders.

Tip. As I said, it was a bit cold so bring proper clothing for the chilly nights and an extra blanket.

Music Berbers style in Morocco

Our day was not over after dinner. Berbers man had a musical night prepared for all of us who circled a great bonfire. The bonfire was welcoming for our cold hands. We stayed up very late enjoying the music in the middle of the dessert and stary night.

With some Berbers and fellow travelers surrounding the campfire.

What to expect?

Hopefully, if you are planning on going to Morocco you don’t have to expect snow and rain. That was just part of our adventure. But truth be told when in Morocco you can expect generally good weather during the day but cold nights.
If you are not from Africa then the culture is probably going to be very different from yours. The food was new, lot’s of bread and couscous and sweet Moroccan tea. Also, keep in mind the language can be a barrier if you are not traveling with a guide. Some people might talk English or French but don’t expect everyone to know your language.

Morocco: Camel Ride and Sleeping in the Desert

Tip. If you are a woman then mind your clothing. It will make things more comfortable for you and it shows respect for their culture as well.

Would I recommend visiting the Sahara desert?

Getting to the desert was almost a mission impossible, but it’s not the norm. Our travel guide was a very patient and experienced woman. She did an amazing job organizing and solving the snowy problem.

Besides, despite this little mishap, it has been the best experience of my life. I love being in touch with nature and I’m constantly searching for places where I can find peace within it. The desert doesn’t sell short on this. After being in crazy Madrid for a while I needed to find silent peace. This is what I got from Sahara.

How to go to the desert?

I’m always up for adventure but I also know my limits. The desert is definitely one of the places I recommend going to with a tour guide. They know the desert, how to get there and not get lost. It takes experience to know the desert!

My sister and I booked a tour with Smart Insiders. This included transportation from Madrid to Morroco and other activities and cities I will be sharing in another post.

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Morocco: Camel Ride and Sleeping in the Desert

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