Moving abroad for love. Should I do it?

Moving abroad for love is not a crazy idea.

Trust me you are not the first and most certainly won’t be the last to move abroad for love. But before you go overseas for your Romeo or Juliet I want you to put some things in perspective first, so we can leave the tragic parts out of your story. Because it is not a decision to be taken lightly, since moving abroad involves many costs. I am talking about money and time plus a whole lot of emotional cost as well. 

And before you go running thinking I’m going to be talking you out of it like maybe your mom is trying to, here me out. I’ve done…heck…I’m living it. And that is why I want to help you. 

Now let’s begin.

Evaluate your relationship

I want you to really scrutinize your relationship. Do you trust your partner? Are they like you making this big country change or is it just you? If it is just you how is changing country talk about what a big decision it is and lay it all out. BUT…don’t keep counts. If you are moving for love then do it but don’t be nasty about it to your partner. Take it from someone who’s done it and let me tell you…it doesn’t make anyone feel better. 

What are you willing to give up for love?

Moving abroad for love

You have to give up some stuff to move abroad and be with your love. But what are you willing to give up? Your work, your hometown? What is it and make peace with it. Even better, look for ways to substitute it. New job, new house? 

For me, it took some time and almost 3 years of a long-distance relationship. I took my time to really evaluate the situation, put my things in order and make peace with what I was going to give up and cherish what I was going to gain. It is not that I didn’t trust and loved my boyfriend. But I had to make peace that this was something I wanted too, not just because it was the only way to be together. Maybe you don’t have that much time but you should never feel pressured on doing something you are not ready to.

What are you going to gain from moving to another country for love?

Remember, not everything is you lose is a loss. Moving abroad in general can be very rewarding. And best of all you will be with a person you love to embark on this new adventure. Besides that, maybe it is seeing a new place? Finally, learning a new language? Don’t focus on the negative and look at the bright side too. 

Tip. If you can’t find any gains besides being with your better half, then think seriously about the decision of moving abroad.  

Do you have a plan of what you are going to do when abroad?

Even though you are moving for love it doesn’t mean you have to put yourself second. Let me tell you, if things are going to work abroad you must “get a life too”. If you are passionate about your work moving to another country won’t change that. If it’s your studies, your crafts, friends; whatever it is. Make sure you have a plan to make a new life when abroad.

           I’m an exercise freak, not heavyweights or anything like that. But I love working out and I knew this was going to help me keep grounded. So before moving, I had already made a list of a gym and park near our house I wanted to check out.  

What to do after moving?

Like I said, first of all, have a plan. Still, here are some tips from what I’ve learned since moving abroad for a relationship.

Here are some tips

1.Stay productive.

I want to say get a job but I don’t know if that is your goal. But if you are like me then go ahead and hunt for a job if you moved without one.

2.Go on dates.

Go on dates with your love one when abroad.

If this is the first time moving in with your partner then boy you are in for a big change. So go on dates, make it fun, and enjoy each other and your new home. Also, if you can take the first week and make it a staycation. Be a tourist in your new home.

3.Stay in touch with your hometown friends and family. 

Loved one’s support is essential when abroad in another country for love.

They are going to be your rock in hard times. Adapting to a new place takes time and you need to feel safe. 

4.Make friends and connections.

Make connections abroad

After you and your honey bunny are settled in, connect with others. I for one can’t live without the occasional girls’ nights out and some laughs with friends. And frankly, it took some time to find the right friends, but they are so essential in making my life abroad so much easier. I know for my boyfriend it is the same and it helps us keep a healthy relationship.

5.Do what you love.

I mentioned earlier I’m a sucker for exercise and friends. So for me, this is going to the gym, reading a book, hanging out with my new girlfriends. But also, I like being able to work and feel productive so I started working as an online teacher and absolutely love it. 

What do you love doing?

In a nutshell, moving abroad for love is your decision.

 I’m not going to say what you have to do but I do hope you find some clarity in this post. It is a time to learn about yourself and your partner in a whole new way. Honestly, I am excited for you if you decide to move to another country for the one you love. And if you decide not to move after thoughtful consideration then that is great too!

As for me, I do not regret moving abroad for love.

I gained so much from moving abroad plus I have my soulmate with me. It was the right decision made at the right time.

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Moving abroad for love

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