Things I wish I knew before going to Morocco

There are a couple of things I wish I had known before going to my Moroccan adventure. Some I had already been warned of but I was so young back then I really didn’t think them true. I was not prepared at all for the trip. My sister and we made a lot of mistakes. From booking air flights that were to close in time, not packing the right clothing and not having enough cash, you name it. You can’t imagine how grateful we were part of a tour group at the time.

After some years I can now say I love Morocco and can’t wait to go back. It was an absolute adventure and I honestly can say it is one of the trips that has defined me as a traveler and as a person.

7 things I wish I knew before going to Morocco

Here are some things I wish I knew before going to Morroco. Some the tour guide had already warned us about but I think I didn’t consider them thoroughly.

Things I wish I knew before going to Morocco
  1. Morocco can be very cold

I was quite ignorant and thought Africa could not be that cold. We were told the temperature was going to drop and that we should pack some cloth for this. We did this but still, it took us by surprise.

2. It can snow

A very rainy and cold day!

It no only gets cold as mentioned above but it can also snow. For this, my sister and I were definitely not ready. Fortunately, it didn’t last long but still know it can happen.

3. Shopping in the markets can get overwhelming

Before Morocco, I had been in Mexico and other Central and South American countries and had experienced the hassle of shopping at the local markets, etc. Here it was extra overwhelming maybe because I didn’t understand the language and was unsure of what was happening most of the time.

Things I wish I knew before going to Morocco

4. Carry cash

Make sure to bring sufficient cash with you. Even if going with a tour that provides most meals, etc. You never know what can happen and it was difficult for users to withdraw cash. This not only happened to us but also to a couple of fellow travelers. Depending on the city you are heading you might find there aren’t any ATM machines available.

5. Gastronomical difference

Don’t get me wrong. I love couscous, the sweet tea, and whatnot. But after a week you start missing your typical plates. On top of this, we had some delays and detours due to the snow and ended up eating bread and jam for a whole day.

P.S. I admit it was my first time experiencing Moroccan food and at the time didn’t appreciate it much. Now I’m in love with the food and can’t wait to go back.

6. Culture towards woman

You probably have heard to cover yourself and not show that much skin. My sister and I totally respected this and had no problem with doing this (especially with such cold weather!). Still, a man did offer some camels for my sister. At the time we were alarmed and basically running to join our tour group. But I also admit we weren’t sure if it was a joke as clearly we were tourists or if it was an honest question.

Keep in mind that this thing can happen and just be safe. It’s not a pretty thing to experience when abroad regardless of any culture and sadly we women are the ones who constantly experience this.


I have to write this in caps. I drank the water by mistake. A real newbie move! I suffered the consequences and almost ruined my whole trip. Don’t drink the water!

Final thoughts on Morocco

Even though it might seem like a negative list I just can say I wish I had known them before. I’ve learned and grown and I can’t wait to go back. I’m sure there are more things I could add to this list but this was the top 7 things that I was not prepared for. Now, what did you wish you knew before heading to Morocco?

For more on Morocco read my Moroccan desert experience.

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Things to know for Morocco

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  1. Marisa

    I’ve been to Morocco 3 different times and definitely agree with all these tips! They are good to know especially if it is your first time!

  2. Patti

    I’ve been so tempted to join a group of travel women to visit Morocco later this year!!! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Mynomadtips

      That sounds amazing! I hope you get to do it and your welcome!

  3. Ashley

    Thanks for the great tips, I agree when I’m traveling I always try to keep enough cash because most places don’t take cards. Morocco looks beautiful.

  4. Mayara

    Great tips! I’ve been looking to go to Morocco this year and those are good points. thank you!

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