What do in Valencia for winter?

Surely when you think of Valencia, Spain you think of Paella and the beach, the last thing on your mind is Valencia for a winter escape. While it is no USA winterland Valencia still has a lot of wintery things to enjoy.

At the same time, please do enjoy the nice weather and the beach. Why not? You are in Valencia after all.

Now, let’s focus on Valencia in wintertime.

List of what to do Valencia for winter?

  • Watch the Christmas decorations.
    Ok, so Valencia is not a big spender on winter decorations and honestly, I was a bit disappointed about this. But it is still a great way to explore the city while admiring the little Christmas details. You never know when you might find yourself with a Christmas market or some street performers singing Christmas carols.
What do in Valencia for winter
Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Visit the Markets
    Now, this is something that you will delight in. Valencians are quite the artisans; you will find many markets around the city filled with crafts and art. There are even some with a modern twist that you can’t miss. Head to Ho!Ho!Ho!Mercado de Tapineria to see this out of the box markets.
    If you are into a modern architecture head to the Ciutat de Arts e Sciences market. The futuristic architecture is another twist to this Valencian market. While you’re there grab a bite from the food trucks and keep shopping.
What do in Valencia for winter?
  • Go ice skating.
    Right in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento near the Valencian famous Belen, you will find a quaint ice-skating rink. It is unusual skating in the pleasant winter weather. Enjoy this activity for only 8 euros, kids enter at 5 euros each.
    You can also find smaller ice rinks located in the Saler and Aqua Commercial Center for the little ones.
  • Merry-go-round.
    Next to the ice-skating rink at Plaza del Ayuntamiento, there is also a cute little carousel. Kids enjoy the trip for only 3.5 euros. Adults can enjoy taking a picture in front of it. You will see this a lot!
What do in Valencia for winter
Nativity Scene by the Plaza de la Reina
  • Christmas Fun Fair.
    Markets Valencia hosts a funfair from December to January near Avenida de Francia where you find different machines and attractions. Enjoy this typical funfair but in wintertime. It is a good way to tone down a bit all the Christmas fun of you wish.
  • Enjoy turron.
    Little did I knew this typical winter dessert/candy originated from Valencia. The markets are filled with this delicious sweet turron from different flavors. Try some, try many and let me know which one you prefer!
What do in Valencia for winter
Typical turron shop
  • Villancicos.
    On December 22 prepare to hear some Christmas Carols where different choruses participate in this competition for free! You will find them at the Catedral, Cortes Valencianas and Palau de la Generalitat around 5:20. After head to the grand finish where all of them participate in Plaza de la Virgen at 7 pm. ( Be sure to check the times each year)    
  • Race of San Silvestre.
    In Valencia, it is not all fun and play…well maybe it is. Enlist in this fun race after all that turron and say good-bye to the Old Year in this epic race. Here runners use Christmas costumes while running about 3 miles in the city center. You can either enter as a competitor for 1 euro or do it for fun at no cost.
What do in Valencia for winter
Christmas flower market
  • Reyes Magos.
    Christmas is not over with the New Year! Here the Three Kings is a Christian Spanish tradition where Valencians celebrate with a Procession or parade starting from Paseo de Alameda heading to Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

    Celebrate with the three kings, giants, cabezudos, music and with this, we say goodbye to Christmas and prepare for Las Fallas.
What do in Valencia for winter
Early morning markets at Plaza Redonda

Tip: All the Christmas wintery fun starts a bit late here in Valencia. The markets open around the second week of December. The festivities end around January 7.

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What to do in Valencia for winter

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  1. Jenny

    I love this. I keep hearing about Turron, I have never tried this treat. Officially on my Spain Bucket List of things to try when I get to go back. Be safe. And thank you for sharing this today. I so needed this.

    1. Mynomadtips

      Then you must try it. It’s a hard candy dessert and it comes in many flavors. The best thing is to visit a shop like this to try the different flavors before committing to one haha.

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